A Gentleman’s Guide to the Best Old Fashioned in Sacramento

Join old sport, as we delve into the best Old Fashioned cocktail ever stirred up in Sacramento.

Ah, dear old friend, allow me to paint you a picture of what I believe to be the most magnanimous concoction to have graced the fair city of Sacramento – the supreme Old Fashioned Cocktail. An entrancing blend of strong bourbon, a sweet splash of sugar, and a whisper of aromatic bitters, garnished with the kiss of a zest-ridden orange peel. This cocktail, in its glorious simplicity, is a timeless spectacle that has held its own against fleeting trends and holds strong the essence of classic cocktail charm.

Indubitably, the popularity of this august Old Fashioned is paramount. The secret to its charm, my dear, lies not in its strength, but its intricate balance. A balance that makes it a beacon of sophistication, a true testament of one’s appreciation for the finer tastes. It’s no concoction of fleeting amusement, no, my old sport. It’s a drink of distinction, sipped from the crystal tumblers of high-minded establishments – the sort of spot where you’d happen upon bright young things discussing the profound and the gallant. Sacramentans are held rapt by its magnetism, its unpretentious sophistication, and its unyielding allure. Give it a sampling, old sport, and you won’t look back.

The Birthplace of Elegance: The Old Fashioned Cocktail

Ah, my old sport, allow me to take you back in time. Let’s revisit the roaring ’20s, an era perfectly encapsulating the spirit of the enchanting Old Fashioned cocktail. Now, a lot of debate surrounds the birth of this marvel, and harking back to the stories, rumors and theories always brings a fascinating glimpse of their times. Certainly, such a considerable drink couldn’t have come into our world quietly, now could it?

Our dear Old Fashioned, like the parties thrown at the dazzling mansions of West Egg, has had its fair share of fame. It was, they say, a favorite of President Truman himself! Oh, how the tales of him sipping on an Old Fashioned while handling the affairs of the state, paint remarkably engaging images. Believe it or not, this revered cocktail has been causing a stir in illustrious circles long before it reached Sacramento.

Now, speaking of the best Old Fashioned in Sacramento, its journey, my dear friend, has been nothing short of a fascinating rendezvous. From it’s stirring inception to its rise in fame, the story of the Old Fashioned in Sacramento is truly symbolic of refined taste and sophistication. One does need to experience the captivating allure of the cocktail in this splendid city to truly comprehend its charm and prestige.

Relish Aromatic the best Old Fashioned in  Sacramento

Resplendent Old Fashioned – Sacramento's Crown Jewel

Now my dear fellows, if it’s opulence and grandeur you’re after, look no further. Set your sights upon the resplendent Old Fashioned cocktail – no less than the crown jewel of Sacramento’s vibrant cocktail scene. Don’t let its seemingly modest ingredients fool you; this cocktail is the height of sophistication and refinement, just like the city it delights.

In true Gatsbian style, the key to a fine Old-Fashioned lies not only in the quality of its components, but in the meticulous care and finesse employed in its preparation. Observe, if you will:


  • 2 oz Bourbon
  • 1 Sugar cube
  • 2 dashes Angostura bitters
  • 1 splash Water
  • Ice cubes
  • 1 Orange wheel
  • 1 Maraschino cherry


  • Place the sugar cube in a sturdy old-fashioned glass
  • Splash it with water and the Angostura, then proceed to muddle the mixture
  • Follow this by adding more than a few substantial ice cubes
  • Carefully pour the bourbon over the ice so as not to disturb the sugar mixture
  • Finally, garnish with the orange wheel and the cherry – the stunning crowning touches to this regal drink

Exquisite Locations for the best Old Fashioned in Sacramento

My dear reader, permit me to take you by the hand and guide you through the streets of our splendid commune of Sacramento. It comes as no surprise to those in the know, that our very own haven in the west serves up a most splendid rendition of the Old Fashioned Cocktail. You see, it is a concoction bearing the badge of our times, a drink steeped in history yet consumed by the present with equal delight.

Now, allow me to direct your attention to some commendable establishments – purveyors of this exceptional libation. A visit to them, I assure you, would be time well spent. I present to you a list of establishments that bear my endorsement and, might I add, my frequent patronage.“Extraordinary Purveyors of the Old Fashioned”:

  • Name: ‘The Boulevard Bistro’, Address: ‘8941 Elk Grove Blvd’
  • This establishment, dear reader, is a sanctuary for lovers of the cocktail. Their Old Fashioned is by no means old-fashioned, but rather a contemporary symphony of flavors, orchestrated with the precision of a maestro.

  • Name: ‘The Shady Lady Saloon’, Address: ‘1409 R St’
  • And this one, a treasure trove of liquor, where their Old Fashioned shines like a beacon amidst an ocean of concoctions. A sip at the Saloon is an excursion into the era its name suggests – a time of speakeasies, glitz and glorious glam.

  • Name: ‘Press Club’, Address: ‘2030 P St’
  • And let’s not forget the Press Club, where sipping on an Old Fashioned feels like an assembly with history. An address that serves, not just drinks, but moments halved between the old and the new.

Relish Unique the best Old Fashioned in  Sacramento

An Elegant Twist: The Non-Alcoholic Old Fashioned

My dear old sport, allow yours truly to lure you on a journey into the realm of non-alcoholic indulgence. Yes, this is the tale of the best Old Fashioned, imported straight from the grand city of Sacramento, yet honoring its original spirit in a refreshing, non-intoxicating rendition. One might think, what on earth could compete with the allure of the finely aged, exotic bourbon, you may ask? Hold tight, for I promise the adventure is as enchanting as the mystic green light across my dock.

We commence our enterprise with the purest of sweeteners, stirring in a teaspoon of sugar, perhaps sparkling raw or fine cane. It is then that we add the essential dash of Angostura bitters, blessing the humble fusion with its distinctive warmth and bittersweet complex. And fear not, for our friend Angostura is non-alcoholic, incorporating the aromatic intensity sans the spirit. Then enters the zing of the freshest citrus, an orange peel to be precise, kindly muddled, lending its graceful essence to the mixture.

For the final act, instead of the traditional whiskey, we pour an ample dose of a non-alcoholic distilled spirit. Various blends avail themselves to the discerning patron, each offering their unique body and temperament, mimicking the characteristic smokiness and richness of their liquor counterparts. My good friends, the result is a masterpiece to behold. Resembling the classic Old Fashioned in its sophisticated flair, yet sans the headiness. So, here’s to the non-drinker’s delight, the best Virgin Old Fashioned in all of Sacramento!

The Incomparable Old Fashioned in Sacramento

Now, old sport, as you journey through the gin joints of Sacramento, you shall encounter whisky cocktails of a golden splendor. Indeed, that’s the good old Old Fashioned we speak about with a romantic shimmer in our eyes. But don’t you get lost thinking it’s just a simple mix. No, indeed. The diversity of this sacrosanct spirit potion extends beyond the horizon.

The base spirit determines the gusto and personality of the Old Fashioned. You have your classical bourbons and ryes, sure, but don’t let that deter your spirit of exploration. You have your vodka Old Fashioneds, tequila Old Fashioneds, and even rum Old Fashioneds. It may seem strange, old sport, but the variety is exquisite and shouldn’t be neglected. It’s like venturing into a jungle full of wonders or a night full of stars, each new base spirit a different leg in your journey, introducing you to a world unbeknownst to simple whisky drinkers.

Next comes the value of additional flavorings or garnishes. It comes down to more than the casual orange or cherry on top, mind you. Slight changes here and there, such as alternate bitters, specially infused spirits or a simple tweak in the sugar cube type and the proportions can transmute your Old Fashioned into a concoction hideously foreign yet spectacularly familiar. The addition of certain garnishes can provide a gustatory experience akin to an enchanting new adventure in the familiar streets of Sacramento. From the traditional to the experimental, Sacramento offers an exceptional array of Old Fashioneds that mirror the city’s own distinct flavor. And why, old sport, that’s the beauty of it all.

Savor Delicious the best Old Fashioned in  Sacramento

Setting up a DIY Old Fashioned Cocktail Bar

Old sport, there’s not a speakeasy or lavish shindig in Sacramento that shines quite as bright without the lingering taste of a carefully crafted Old Fashioned cocktail. Ah, the classic blend; a spectacle known to be as gilded as they come. If ever you’ve dreamt of curating such a glamourous affair for your brunches, parties, or events, then allow me to guide you down this star-streaked path.

One must gather the essential items first, old sport. A sturdy muddler, the romantic glow of a bar spoon, high-quality whiskey, vivid bitters, a trifle of sugar cubes, and, naturally, a sublime selection of glasses of enough charisma to outshine the Jazz Age itself. But let’s not forget the orange slices and cherries, as there’s nothing that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary quite like a bright smattering of garnishes.

Ah, toppings and garnishes, you ask? Nothing common, of course. Indulge in swathes of orange rinds and luscious cherries, and, for a unique twist, abandon predictability and embrace surprise. Perhaps an intriguing dash of grapefruit peel, a sprig of mint, or even an obsession of crystallized ginger could take your Old Fashioned from being merely the best in Sacramento to being the talk of the town, old sport.

The Artistic Encore in Every Glass

My dear old sports, no corner of the world serves up an Old Fashioned quite like Sacramento. Ah yes, this humble city, nestled in the heart of California, is renowned far and wide for its skill in stirring up, not just a cocktail, but an experience. One where fine spirits meet sublime syrups in a dance as enthralling as any Jazz Age jubilee, culminating in a magic one calls the garnish.

The most captivating iterations of this beloved beverage boast embellishments that are far from ordinary. One establishment on L Street – a hushed speak-easy that shan’t be named – serves their Old Fashioned garnished with a pearl onion, their bartender’s inspired take on Gibson’s martini with a Sacremento twist, whispers tales of tales, steeped in style and a wink of daring. Whereas another in the heart of Midtown sculptures its ice in a manner that would put an arctic artist to jealousy – each cube is a diamond, refracting the dim light into a kaleidoscopic show. The finishing touch? A spritz of citrus oil, its zesty aroma spellbinding the senses even before the first sip.

Why, don’t just take my word for it – charge your own glass with adventure! A wild, unfettered sprig of rosemary, a twist of exotic yuzu peel, or even a cascade of edible gold dust…the artistry of an Old Fashioned garnish only ends at the brim of your imagination. Refine, my dear friends, your cocktail hour – garnish your Old Fashioned with the creativity and decadence of the Roaring Twenties, and in every sip, you’ll taste the echo of an era when the parties were bigger and the pace was faster. As I always say, ‘To taste is to know.’

Sacramento’s Foremost Old Fashioned

Old sports, permit me to illuminate you, Sacramento boasts an Old Fashioned cocktail fit to tickle any Gatsby’s fancy, indeed it does. You might find yours truly, Jay Gatsby, livin’ it up in its sheen, savoring the very flavor that only the golden city can proffer. Mark my words, dear friends, one does not simply stumble upon an Old Fashioned like this, it is manifested by artisans devoted to their craft.

This city’s rendition is an opulent dance of the finest bourbon, sprinkling of sugar, a bitter backbone, crowned with a twist of citrus – it’s a perfect symphony in a glass, old sport. It is not just the quantity, but the quality that crowns Sacramento’s Old Fashioned as the tops. It’s the hand of the barkeep, the twinkle in their eye as they concoct the nectar of the West Coast, the attention to detail where ice cubes are in dialogue with whiskey glass – that, my friends, is the real McCoy.

Sacramento’s Old Fashioned is a quintessence of celebration, it’s a spectacle that brings life and light in the simplest yet most profound manner. It’s an experience that one should not miss, old sport. So, come westward, let’s raise our glasses to the emblematic Old Fashioned that Sacramento offers. Mark my words, it’s the best you’ll find in these parts, nay, in the whole country!


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