Experience Elegance with the Best Old Fashioned in Indianapolis

Delve into Gatsby's guide to experience the best Old Fashioned cocktail in the splendid Indianapolis.

Old sport, permit me to introduce to you the epitome of Indianapolis grandeur – the unparalleled Old Fashioned cocktail, a concoction that represents the best the city has to afford. It’s more than mere spirits and sugar, oh no. I speak of an elixir featuring the choicest spirits, a fine hint of sugar, a splash of water, and a deftly added touch of bitters, garnished with an orange slice and cherry, brought forth from the expert hands of the city’s most esteemed mixologists. A beauteous sight, a decadent symphony for the palette – it is a libation fit for the most discerning of company.

The popularity of this masterpiece – Old Fashioned, is not a stroke of mere happenstance, dear friend. It swings upon a pendulum of tradition and innovation, its reputation resonating through speakeasies, grand venues, and intimate gatherings alike. This cocktail we speak of has been the city’s badge of honor in the world of mixology, a testament to its unerring dedication to taste and sophistication. Indeed, the Old Fashioned Cocktail of Indianapolis stands as a beacon, illuminating the charm and allure of this grand city to all who dare to sample its delights.

The Majestic Birth of the Best Old Fashioned in Indianapolis

In this captivating tale of liquor and indulgence, I seek a return to the wondrous origins of the best Old Fashioned in Indianapolis. Just as a chart carrying mariner explores the vast, unknown sea, so shall we voyage back to the birth of this delightful concoction. Did it rise from the stirring passions of a genteel bartender’s soul or is it the offspring of a jolly night amongst reveling companions?

What an intriguing wide range of theories it enjoys! Some say it was the brainchild of a bartender who favored simplicity, seeking to deliver a flavor so pure and robust that it would echo through the ages. Others stress on anecdotal elements of history, whispering it was a favorite of kings and queens, knights and damsels, seers and poets. Ah, if this drink could speak, what tales would it tell!

Beyond all, however, there once were moments in time when famous and influential figures found solace in this satisfying draft. From Churchill to Hemingway, imbued with a zest for robust flavors and a fine balance of strength and delicacy, they all enjoyed the magic poured in a glass. Indeed, what a splendid legacy the Old Fashioned carries with it! So here’s to Indianapolis – for nurturing and presenting the most exquisite version of this time-honored drink to the world.

Sample Tasty the best Old Fashioned in  Indianapolis

Fine Craftsmanship of an Old Fashioned

My dear old sport, I’m about to reveal one of the fascinating mysteries of grand Indianapolis, and that is nothing other than the immaculate Old Fashioned cocktail recipe. Quite a spectacle, you might agree. This classic delicacy is a concoction that summons the heart of old Indy, clasped in the embrace of enduring traditions and exquisite craftsmanship. It begs one to savor each sip with measured grace and poised etiquette, much like one would in the radiant halls of my West Egg estate.


  • A sugar cube
  • Angostura bitter, 2 dashes or to suit your taste of the extravagant.
  • Water, a tiny splash just enough to dissolve the sugar
  • Ice cubes
  • Bourbon, 2 ounces to drench your senses in
  • An orange twist for garnish, and a round slice of it for that tantalizing touch of glamour.
  • One Maraschino cherry, a radiant gem in this liquid treasure.


  • In an Old Fashioned glass, place the sugar cube. Soak it generously with the dashes of Angostura bitter.
  • Add water, just a splash as you would when creating magnificent art, to dissolve the sugar. Muddle this splendid mixture until sugar is thoroughly dissolved.
  • Fill the glass with grand ice cubes, and pour over it the riveting bourbon.
  • Garnish with an orange slice and a Maraschino cherry. An optional twist of orange is recommended for those that dare to experience the unreserved vivacity of this cocktail.

The Finest Old Fashioned in Indianapolis

Old Sport, I tell you, there’s nothing quite as gratifying as savoring the taste of an immaculately crafted Old Fashioned. Indeed, it’s the euphoria of that first sip that transports one to a time and place where elegance and sophistication reigned supreme, a time that I hold dear. There are few places in Indianapolis, that beautiful city that reminds me so much of West Egg, where this noble libation is exalted to such illustrious heights. Permit me to share a few of those gems.


  • Name: The Backbone, Address: 1105 Prospect St, Indianapolis, IN 46203 Once you venture into ‘The Backbone’, you’ll be in for an experience. As the cool, dim light washes over you, you’ll find your gaze landing on none other than their famous Old Fashioned, a concoction like no other. It’s a tango between the bourbon and the bitter, a dance so mesmerizing, you’d swear your glass was the ballroom.
  • Name: The Libertine, Address: 608 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46204 Now, at ‘The Libertine’, the Old Fashioned is not just a drink, it’s a sensory soiree. As the warm hues of the bourbon meet the ice, the libation comes to life. And when you take a sip, dear friend, you’ll remember it long after the last echoes of the evening’s laughter have faded.
  • Name: The Sinking Ship, Address: 4923 N College Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46205 Let’s not forget about ‘The Sinking Ship’. For here, the Old Fashioned is stripped down to its bare bones, a tribute to its humble origins. The result? A cocktail that’s robust, proud and unapologetically authentic.

Savor Crisp the best Old Fashioned in  Indianapolis

Competitions and Events With the Finest Old Fashioned Cocktail

Well, old sport, I daresay there are some fine happenings here in the glorious city of Indianapolis that truly celebrate the pièce de résistance of classic libations – the Old Fashioned Cocktail. A shimmering world, where the bourbon meets sugar and bitters with a twist of citrus, much like the blend of dreamers, thinkers and believers that Indianapolis is famous for.

One could talk of the renowned Indy Spirits Week, where the best bartenders in the city compete to make the most spectacular Old Fashioned. They vie for the title not unlike the way gentlemen in West Egg and East Egg would compete for the attention of Daisy. Winner creates a drink that might sate even me, Jay Gatsby’s impossibly insatiable quest for perfection.

Then there’s the Indy Cocktail hour, a monthly gathering for those with an appreciation for the finely crafted cocktail, exhibiting the likes of the Old Fashioned. Each event more extravagant than the last, with live music and a rare, festive spirit pervading the air. Quite like my enormous soirees on the North Shore, where the shimmering frivolity seems endless, these gatherings are a toast to the times we have lived and to the times that are yet to come. Old sport, these bashful gatherings that Indianapolis hosts to honor the Old Fashioned, are indeed the symbol of grandeur and zest for life.

Spices and Their Origins in Old Fashioned Cocktails

Old sport, let me introduce you to the world of fine spirits and the symphony of spices that bring forth the quintessential charm of the best Old Fashioned in Indianapolis. Hailed from the mayhem of Prohibition, yeah – a time of secrets and whispers – the cocktail holds its identity in the marriage of soulful bourbon with an ensemble of aromatic spices.

Begin your savoring on bitters, old sport. This crucial component, often of the aromatic or Angostura kind, has traces back to medicinal use in Latin America, and nowadays serves to balance the warm delight of the bourbon. Then comes the ‘sweet’, typically simple syrup or a sugar cube, paying tribute to the sweet tooth of our American heritage. Yet the principal star that this spectacle revolves around is the orange peel. Subtle, yet shining with citrusy sophistication, the peel embarks from the sunny fields of Florida or the vivid groves of Spain – lighting up the drink with a playful zing. Each spice weaves a story, contributing to the very plot of flavor, and adding color to the experience of this timeless concoction.

The richness of the bourbon contrasted by the variety of spices, my dear reader, creates an ensemble that’s more than just a cocktail – it captures the essence of the Roaring Twenties spirit. Old sport, whether you are a seasoned connoisseur or a budding enthusiast, the best Old Fashioned in Indianapolis offers an experience spanning across continents and generations, transcending right into your glass.

Quench Enticing the best Old Fashioned in  Indianapolis

An Exquisite Quaff: The Best Old Fashioned in Indianapolis

Indeed, old sport, it was a truth universally acknowledged that an individual in possession of a keen palate must be in want of the finest Old Fashioned in our fine town of Indianapolis. Yes, it was no empty boast, nor a flippant statement.

Our coteries have embarked on an invigorated pursuit of natural delight, a trend pointing towards organic or locally sourced ingredients in this prized concoction, ensuring a sip gives more than just a kick, but a taste of Indianapolis itself. The charm of local brews and spices, with their unique, alluring tales, only render the drink more deserving of its renowned status.

Furthermore, there’s been quite the flapper uproar for the provocative, spicy versions. These serve not merely to titillate the senses, my dear, but to evoke boldness, the daring spirit, the evanescent joys, the very essence contained in the heart of our beloved city. Verily, a spiced up Old Fashioned in Indianapolis is like a dance to the melody of novelty, and an homage to tradition. It truly is a spectacle to behold, and a charm to relish!

The Best Old Fashioned in Indianapolis: A Cocktail for All Diets

In the charming and animated city of Indianapolis, everyone, regardless of their dietary restrictions – be it gluten-free, vegan, low-sodium et al – can indulge and revel in the luxurious experience of the Best Old Fashioned. Old chap, you’re in for a jolly good time.

The merriment, the sheer joy of sipping an Old Fashioned has been modified with utmost care, keeping in mind the mindful diets of today. This accommodation, dear friends, has been done without tainting or diluting the rich and splendid flavour of the cocktail. The very essence of the Old Fashioned remains intact – a masterstroke of the bartender’s artistry.

So, whether you are bound by the limitations of gluten, extending your consciousness towards veganism, or adhering to a low-sodium lifestyle – fear not. For in Indianapolis, the Best Old Fashioned is tailored for all, ensuring a savory and delightful rendezvous with every single sip.

The Epitome of Indy's Classic Libations

Old Sport, in Indianapolis, they have concocted an Old Fashioned cocktail to rival all others. A potation so splendid, it would bring a tear to the eye of the most seasoned bootlegger. Enter into a dance with this gallant beverage, and you will find yourself waltzing across the decades, merrily lost in the swirling vortex of bold flavors and dapper elegance.

The muddling of a succulent sugar cube, the fiery embrace of a truly refined whiskey, a dash of bitters to tickle the senses, and a twist of citrus to lend a joyous zing. Mixed not hastily, but with the precision and affection of a master. Each sip promises an expedition into a realm of taste so profound, you’d swear you’ve been whisked away to the Gilded Age itself. Truly, this task is far from being a mere mixology—it’s akin to crafting a symphony, each note flawless, each crescendo exhilarating.

So here’s the long and the short of it, old game: should the occasion arise that you find yourself in the heart of Indy, best not let it pass without submerging into the warm, inviting depths of its best Old Fashioned. It’s not just a cocktail, but an experience. A soiree in a glass, an invocation of swank, Jazz Age glamour. For what is life, old bean, if not a dizzying, delicious dance with decadence?


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