Los Angeles: Home to the Best Old Fashioned Cocktail

Experience the splendor, old sport, of the best Old Fashioned cocktail recipe in the dazzling Los Angeles.

Old sport! When the evening descends upon the city of angels, a particular spectacle glows brighter than its sprinkling cityscape lights – perchance it’s the best Old Fashioned in Los Angeles. It’s not mere alcohol, but rather a spectacle; a fine symphony of bourbon and bitters, sugar cube and an orange twist. Its grandeur parallels that of the grand mansions in West Egg, adorned with hints of cherry garnish like the trinkets that sparkle at Gatsby’s legendary soirees.

An ode to timelessness, this Old Fashioned much like myself, is a perennial symbol of the city’s enduring class and elegance. Its popularity isn’t solely anchored by its timeless recipe; it is the concoction’s ability to transport one back to the golden Jazz Age, a sip at a time. Designed for the discerning palate, this avatar of classic mixology has, like an old tale retold, won the favor of Los Angeles’ bon vivants. Steeped in antiquity yet popular amongst the young, it’s a testament of taste enduring through times, much like the enduring enigma of Jay Gatsby, wouldn’t you say, old sport?

The Genesis of Your Favorite Old Fashioned in Los Angeles

Old sport, let me weave you a tale of flavor and class, of the exemplary Old Fashioned cocktail savored in the heart of Los Angeles. Many theories lay claim to its origin, like a myriad of stars each fighting for its rightful place in the cosmos. Some would say it was the ingenious invention of an unnamed bartender, plying his trade in Kentucky during the early 19th century. Others would make you believe it was the patron drink of a private gentleman’s club in Louisville, where it was christened as the Old Fashioned.

But the tale doesn’t stop there, no it doesn’t, dear friend. This classic cocktail, a dazzling blend of sugar, bitters, whiskey, and a dash of citrus, has captivated many distinguished patrons in its time. A true bon vivant would find this libation stirring fond memories of famous figures who savored its exquisite taste. The likes of President Harry S. Truman, who was known for starting his day with a class of this exceptional concoction, right in the heart of Los Angeles.

Whether the anecdotes are just folk tales or an immortalized history is a question of time and faith. What cannot be denied is the unparalleled caliber of Los Angeles’s Best Old Fashioned – A drink coined as old fashioned, but remains timeless in its appeal. Ah, it is indeed a ‘Great Gatsby’ in the world of cocktails, old sport.

Delight Irresistible the best Old Fashioned in  Los Angeles

Recipe for the Crème de la Crème Old Fashioned

My good friends, judgment and merriment call for this exclusive guide to prepare the best Old Fashioned in the whole of Los Angeles. Let me enlighten you, so your next soirée bears the true embodiment of a refined gathering.


  • Two slices of rind, of the ripest orange, you see.
  • A sublime sugar cube.
  • A couple dashes of finest Angostura bitters, to add layers upon layers to the tale.
  • Two ounces of your preferred whiskey, aged to perfection preferably.
  • The freshest ice, diamond cut, clear as the innocence we all once had.
  • Last but certainly not least, a Maraschino cherry of great quality. A sight to behold indeed.

Let us embark on the creation:

  • Muddle the orange, sugar and bitters in the glass, commanding respect.
  • Introduce the divinely aged whiskey, poured with sincere determination.
  • Set in your diamond cut ice with due elegance, and stir with the grace of a thousand poets.
  • Garnish with your treasured cherry and remaining orange slice giving it one last dash of Angostura bitters, like a dash of mystery in one’s life.

There you have it, the best Old Fashioned Cocktail to grace Los Angeles. As we speak the language of cocktails, I assure you, this recipe hails as the epitome of sophistication and taste.

The Best Old Fashioned's in Los Angeles Unveiled

Old sport, as Jay Gatsby, I’ve lavished my time in the most glamorous speakeasies and sophisticated lounges a city can offer. I’ve enjoyed some of the best drinks man can conjure, and among them, the Old Fashioned Cocktail truly holds a place of distinction. Today, I shall guide you through the bustling city of Los Angeles to some of the best locations that serve this exquisite concoction of liquor, sweetener and bitters. The precise blend and taste would absolutely fascinate your palates.

The Locations:

  • Name: Seven Grand, Address: 515 W 7th St 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90014, United States
  • Name: The Varnish, Address: 118 E 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014, USA
  • Name: The Edison, Address: 108 W 2nd St #101, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA

At Seven Grand, my dear friend, you will appreciate the heavy oak aroma of your Old Fashioned, luxuriously suffused with a hint of orange zests. Mind you, the ambiance of the place adds remarkably to the experience. As for The Varnish, it is a hidden gem that serves an impressive array of cocktails but their Old Fashioned is a standout, with its rich, caramel sweetness and heady bourbon fumes. Lastly, allow me to recommend The Edison, a locale renowned for its robust and well-balanced Old Fashioneds. Their version boasts an intriguing interplay of sweet, sour, and bitter flavors that keeps patrons returning for more. Do give these locations a try, old sport, and you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Raise Refreshing the best Old Fashioned in  Los Angeles

An Enthralling Time With LA's Paramount Old Fashioned

Ah, my dear reader, allow me to guide you through the utterly brilliant spectacle that’s currently the shining star of Los Angeles’ nightlife – the unspeakably splendid Old Fashioned Cocktail. Why, this delightful libation is so remarkably good, it’s not merely a cocktail – it’s an experience, a spectacle, a toast to the grandeur of forgotten eras.

The Old Fashioned, oh, it’s a sight to behold, just like the electrifying skyline of LA. And where, you may ask, does this dream-tinted cocktail come alive? None other, darling, than the illustrious lounge where the silver screen sirens moonlight, and literary legends pen down their immortal prose. Yes, here the Old Fashioned holds a reign, adored by notable figures, whispered in the lexicon of stars, glorified in text and celluloid alike.

Oft has this grand cocktail made an appearance in the world of the glitterati. Each time kindling a symphony of admiration from esteemed celebrities. The Old Fashioned is much more than a mere evening leisure, it’s a philosophy, an institution in itself, brought to life by the nimble hands of Los Angeles’ finest mixologists. So, here’s to LA’s most splendid Old Fashioned, an encapsulation of the city’s spirit, embodying a taste that is timeless, revered and utterly unparalleled.

Serving the Best Old Fashioned Cocktail

Old, my dear friends, does not mean out of fashion, especially when we talk of the classic, the timeless, the Best Old Fashioned Cocktail. How, you ask, does one serve such a marvel in Los Angeles? The first and foremost element to bear in mind – the garnish. No Old Fashioned is complete without a crisp, zesty twist of orange peel, artfully curled to highlight the balance of sweet and sour in the drink, and a cherry to lend that final touch of drippy, saccharine perfection.

Accompaniments, you query? Well, as Jay Gatsby I’ve hosted my fair share of grand gatherings and believe me, when it comes to pairing food with this time-honoured concoction, you cannot go wrong with dishes that echo its robust, slightly saccharine undertones. A slice of toasted rye bread topped with smoked salmon is a fantastic place to start – the smokiness of the salmon enhances the bourbon while the rye bread’s hearty texture stands up to the cocktail’s strong flavors. For those with a sweet tooth, a piece of dark chocolate or a slice of rich, creamy New York cheesecake complements the sweetness of the cocktail while adding a contrasting creaminess that brings out the bourbon’s smoky notes.

Then, what temperature should the Best Old Fashioned be served at, one wonders? Here, in the city of Angels, we serve it perfectly chilled, creating a sensation much like taking a refreshing dive into a cool pool on a blistering summer day. The cold brings out the whiskey’s multifaceted flavour profile, allowing one to truly savor each tantalising sip. So, raise a glass, take a sip and enjoy the best Old Fashioned in Los Angeles.

Imbibe Satisfying the best Old Fashioned in  Los Angeles

Accommodating Dietary Restrictions in Preparing Los Angeles’s Best Old Fashioned

Old sport, there’s none better to knock back a glass of the finest Old Fashioned in the entirety of Los Angeles, I say, but one must keep in mind the diversity of our party-goers. Each individual has unique tastes and dietary needs and we’d certainly hate to leave anyone out of the revelry, wouldn’t we? Hence, I find it important to discuss how you could adapt the grand Old Fashioned to accommodate everyone, from those who follow a gluten-free routine to the compassionate vegan, even those mindful of sodium intake.

When entertaining in the style of Gatsby, you want to be all inclusive, dear friend. Now, for those following a gluten-free regimen—fear not. Rye whiskey or bourbon, your standard bases for an Old Fashioned, are actually free of gluten. Isn’t that simply splendid? And take heed, for those concerned about their sodium, opt for unsalted cocktail cherries and orange slices to keep that sodium level at bay while still enjoying every sip to its fullest.

For our cherished vegan comrades, I dare say, the shift is just as uncomplicated. You see, the primary ingredient that pews them off is the potential use of non-vegan sugar. But, a simple switch to a vegan sugar or agave syrup should solve the predicament in a jiffy. We need to be versatile, adaptable and caring, for every taste matters and every person deserves to bask in the glory of the best Old Fashioned in Los Angeles.

The Exceptional Sip in Los Angeles

For a moment, think about your lips taking a gentle stroll around the rim of a crystal glass, a dram that whispers tales of the old times stirred with the spirit of the new. It’s not a whimsical dream, old sport. It’s the best Old Fashioned in Los Angeles we’re discussing here, a cocktail that makes you feel closer to civilization amidst the glamour of this splendid city.

Each served glass of this divine concoction seems to be a mirror, reflecting the charming fusion of bourbon, bitters, sugar and a hint of fresh citrus. Indeed, these establishments, with their exquisite mixologists, have mastered the art of reviving classics with such elan, it’s as if one is tasting history, garnished with a little bit of now.

When you get a moment away from the thunderous applause of the city, do honor a bar stool in one of these establishments. Let the dynamics of an Old Fashioned cocktail flow through you. And, while the city rushes by, you, old sport, will be living a moment etched in time, flavored with the best Old Fashioned in Los Angeles.


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