Seattle’s Unrivaled Old Fashioned: A Debonair Choice, Truly

Join Jay Gatsby on an exhilarating jaunt to find the finest Old Fashioned in dazzling Seattle, old sport.

Old sport, when it comes to high-class libations, Seattle does present a spectacle of delight most unmatched. It hosts, as it very well should, an Old Fashioned cocktail, quite unlike any other. An elixir of such rare and exceptional taste, that each sip echoes one’s desires, tantalizing and stirring the senses, just as a vividly recounted tale of yore.

One must consider, dear friend, the skill involved in its creation. A blend of fine whiskey, a hint of sugar, a stroke of bitters, a swell of water, all concocted to perfection with the crowning glory of a zesty orange peel. Its popularity is not for naught, achieving an acclamation most deserved. For this Old Fashioned, you see, harks back to the tradition of the classic cocktail, embracing its roots whilst bestowing a unique Seattle touch.

The Birthplace of the Best Old Fashioned in Seattle

Now, old sport, take a moment and let’s delve down into the intriguing genesis of the best Old Fashioned cocktail right here in Seattle. Much like the shimmering lights at one of my parties, the birth of this cocktail is shrouded in delightful mystery. According to some tales, the drink harks back to the early 19th century. When the night was young and the spirits were even younger, barkeeps would stir up a simple mixture of spirits, bitters, water, and sugar that provided a warm glow to everyone who partook.

A myriad of historical characters, those celebrated figures whose portraits are etched in the annals of time, have held this cocktail in high esteem, much like how I view the green light across the bay. Famous figures such as Mark Twain and Theodore Roosevelt, old sport, fancied this drink. Even that grand chap Churchill was partial to an Old Fashioned or two during hearty banquets. The Old Fashioned is a timeless concoction, a testament to the grandeur of the past that raises its glass to the promise of the future.

Therefore, old sport, when you find yourself in the enchanting corners of Seattle, seek out the best Old Fashioned. Let the rich, velvety blend take you on a jaunt through time. For in the heart of this delightful city, the cocktail isn’t merely a drink. It’s an ode to the resplendent history of the city and a toast to all those magnificent souls who’ve graced Seattle with their presence.

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Crafting the Quintessential Old Fashioned

Old sport, allow me to present you with the methodology that will impart to you the knowledge of creating the best Old Fashioned in all of Seattle. It’s no mere embellishment; the cocktail’s harmonizing taste resides in the adept hands of Seattle bartenders. Its charm is distinct and entirely distinguished.


  • 2 oz Bourbon or Rye whiskey
  • 1 Sugar cube
  • 2 dashes Angostura bitters
  • 1 Orange twist
  • 1 Maraschino cherry
  • Ice cubes

Regarding the delicate procedure, observe: Preparation Technique:

  • Firstly, choose a lowball glass, old sport. Place within the sugar cube, bitters, and a dash of plain water.
  • Agitate these together, employing the end of a bar spoon or muddler to dissolve the sugar until you attain a flavorful base.
  • Next, add the Whiskey and ice – not sparing the former and generous with the latter. Stir gracefully, allowing the chill and flavor to marry harmoniously.
  • Lastly, garnish with a twist of orange peel and a luxurious maraschino cherry.

Discover Seattle's Best Old Fashioned Joints

Old boy, there are places in this fine city of Seattle that treat the art of crafting an Old Fashioned with the reverence it truly deserves. These establishments pour not just their spirits, but their hearts into every glass, and one would be doing oneself a disservice not embracing the experience they so generously offer.

Now, dear friend, allow me to hand you the blueprints to your cocktail pilgrimage.

Top Old Fashioned Establishments in Seattle:

  • Name: Canlis, Address: 2576 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109. Let me tell you, old sport, Canlis knows their way around a cocktail shaker. Their Old Fashioned is a rhapsody in a glass.
  • Name: Zig Zag Cafe, Address: 1501 Western Ave #202, Seattle, WA 98101. Famed for its ambience, and their Old Fashioned, it’s a veritable Siren’s song.
  • Name: Bathtub Gin & Co, Address: 2205 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121. An Old Fashioned here isn’t mere drink, it is an odyssey for the soul.

Believe you me, these aren’t just any places, old sport, they’re the embodiment of our pursuit for the supreme act of cocktail enjoyment. Go, drink in their offerings, their atmospheres, their passion for the trade. And remember, a good cocktail echoes in eternity.

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The Best Old Fashioned Cocktail in Seattle: A Sober Twist

Old sport, permit me to paint a picture for your mind’s eye. Imagine a crisp Seattle evening, the city lights winking in a symphony of color. You’re nestled in the heart of the city at your favorite spot, with the promise of the best Old Fashioned cocktail in Seattle at your fingertips. But suppose, in that wondrous moment, you seek a drink absent the revelry of spirit? I’m here to assure you that a sober evening needn’t deprive you of the satisfaction of a finely crafted cocktail.

A non-alcoholic Old Fashioned in Seattle is just as tantalizing to the palate, my friend. It is a delicate dance of flavors, an expert blending of choice ingredients sans the bourbon, but retaining just as much character. Think of a concoction with fresh, zesty orange wedges, a dash of cherry essence, combined with crushed sugar and a splash of bitters, all underpinned with a sparkling non-alcoholic spirit . Garnished to perfection and served in the traditional Old Fashioned glass, it’s a promise of joy with each sip, with relaxed Seattle nights thrown in, all without the storm of the morning after.

To the pursuit of pleasure and taste without the tether of alcohol, to bask in the sheer enjoyment of a well-mixed, spirit-free Old Fashioned in the heart of Seattle. It’s sophistication served in a glass, old sport, and it doesn’t get any better than that.

Seattle’s Storied Events Centered Around The Best Old Fashioned

Old sport, if there’s something we fold in high regard here in the rainy city, it’s a well-stirred Old Fashioned. There’s an air of festivity that hums about the city’s cocktail lounges, and more so when the occasion demands the crafting of the best Old Fashioned in Seattle. A symbol of sophistication, of an era that never loses its sheen, this unique cocktail is more than just an emblem of good taste.

As the city slips into December, the Seattle Cocktail Week barrels in, drawing enthusiasts from all corners. It’s during this time that our remarkable bartenders showcase their magic, stirring up the finest rendition of the Old Fashioned. Now, this competition isn’t merely about taste, old sport! It’s a mighty celebration of the tradition, innovation and the excellent art of cocktail making we uphold in Seattle. Another noteworthy event that imbues spirit into our city’s nightlife is the annual Seattle Old Fashioned Tournament. A grand affair that venerates the iconic cocktail, as talented mixologists across the city put forth their spin on the classic recipe, attempting to triumph as the maker of the best Old Fashioned in Seattle.

From nifty established bars to spirited pop-ups, we here, in this Emerald City, esteem the culture and the craftsmanship that swirls in our cocktail glasses, one Old Fashioned at a time. Our events, resplendent with glitz and glamour, pay tribute to this all-time favourite cocktail in style, unambiguous proof that the essence of the Roaring Twenties never quite left us.

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The Classy Chronicles of Seattle's Finest Old Fashioned

Well ol’ sport, let me regale you with the tale of a classic drink, the Old Fashioned – so delightful and heartwarming, straight from the Emerald City, Seattle. I’m sure that even the likes of the most discerning bourbon connoisseurs would agree, no place does it quite like Seattle. It’s not merely a cocktail, my dear friend, it’s a testament to the city’s distinguished taste and unrelenting pursuit of quality.

Seattle dances to the drum of the Roaring Twenties. You see, during those times, an Old Fashioned wasn’t merely another option on the menu, it was an embodiment of sophistication, panache, and a speakeasy symbol of rebellion. Pouring then, as it does now, a mellifluous melody of rich bourbon, a hint of sugar, a couple of dashes of bitters, finally garnished with a twist; the blend is as captivating as the city itself. This charming concoction, dear friend, is more than a cocktail – it’s a spirited symbol of Seattle’s bold and vibrant spirit.

My personal recommendation? There’s a quaint little place in downtown Seattle that serves the most excellent Old Fashioned, an experience worth every second spent. Bathed in dim, amber lights, mighty strains of jazz in the background, and the affable clinks of well-handled barware – you are transported, back to the 1920s. When that frosted glass, dewed with the cool night air, reaches your hand, the first sip is an enchantment like no other, it’s not just a drink but a passage through time.

A Tipple to Remember: Seattle's Old Fashioned

Old Sport, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of a drink well made, and Seattle, indeed, is a city that knows her spirits. I’ve savored many a libation here and thence, yet it’s the classic Old Fashioned that sets my soul ablaze. It’s that beguiling arrangement of bitters and bourbon, the teasing kiss of citrus – a truly invigorating dance for your tastebuds.

Why, you ask? It’s quite elementary, dear friend. There’s simply no city that does it better. The bartenders here in Seattle, they’re true craftspeople, each with their unique spin on the classic concoction. Ah, the magic they work with the sugar cube, the orange slice, the ice chunks – a spectacle of the senses! You ask me what defines the best Old Fashioned? It’s the attention to detail, the finesse, that familiar love for the craft that’s evident with each sip you take. This, my friend, is what makes Seattle’s Old Fashioned a tipple to remember.

So next time you find yourself in the Emerald City, stray not into the realm of the untested. Reach instead for the classic, the exquisite- the best Old Fashioned in Seattle. A taste, a memory, an experience that will, without a smidgen of doubt, resonate long after the glass is empty. Cheers, old sport!


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