Taste of the South: The Best Old Fashioned in Memphis

Old sport, discover the grandeur of the best Old Fashioned cocktail, a Memphis staple not to be bested.

Well, old sport, let me elucidate on the absolute treasure you’re about to uncover. In the heart-land of Memphis, where the cotton is just as rich as the gentility, a whimsy of a cocktail is holding court. The Old Fashioned cocktail, an appellation as quaint as the city itself, reigns as the city’s secret charm. To quaff this opulent concoction is akin to time traveling, you’re taking a frisson-filled promenade down the lanes of antebellum grandeur. No exaggeration here, friend, the best Old Fashioned in Memphis is a vestige of that old world charm.

As for its notability – it’s as famous as Tom Buchanan’s polo ponies, drunk in the rhythm of rich Mahogany bars all the way to glamorous soirees. It’s an open secret that the best Old Fashioned in Memphis holds sway over the town’s reverence for craft cocktails. It’s a story worth telling, intertwined with the city’s own narrative of sophistication and tradition. For the connoisseur, the cocktail represents a splendid blend of the robust whiskey infused with bitters and balanced with a hint of sugar. The crowning ceremony, old sport, is a twist of citrusy orange brightly serenade by a cherry placed with reverence. True to its name, nothing about it is fast or newfangled, hands down the Old Fashioned in Memphis steals the show.

The Genesis of the Best Old Fashioned in Memphis

Oh, old sport, allow me to regale you with a tale most fascinating. It’s a story etched in the archives of history, filled with whispers of yore and an aroma that has lingered on the breath of Memphis for centuries now. Have you ever held a glass of the city’s finest Old Fashioned cocktail and wondered upon its illustrious inception?.

A theory oft recited, tells of a bartender from Louisville, Kentucky who curated this delight for Colonel James E. Pepper, a prominent bourbon distiller. A tale that intertwines our beloved Memphis, as the revered Colonel tutored a local bartender in the art of crafting a stellar Old Fashioned cocktail, thus manifesting the best one in Memphis. Scintillating, no?

History has oft seen this classic cocktail grace the parties of the rich and influential. This hearty libation was notably savored by President Theodore Roosevelt and the iconic author, Mark Twain. Each sip, a nod to the past, a testament to its enduring legacy. Now, isn’t that a story worth telling, over a glass of the finest Old Fashioned that Memphis could muster, of course.

Delight Creative the best Old Fashioned in  Memphis

Crafting Memphis's Finest Old Fashioned

Now old sport, there is something fundamentally captivating in the art of making the best Old Fashioned in Memphis. It requires the most exquisite bourbon, the sweetest sugar, a slice of the freshest orange, and a touch of delicate maraschino cherries. More than this, it demands an understanding of the method; a respect for the traditional craftsmanship.


  • A cube of sugar
  • 2 dashes of Angostura bitters
  • 2 to 3 ounces of bourbon (I recommend something robust, like a ripe Rittenhouse Rye)
  • An orange slice
  • A maraschino cherry


  • Begin, old sport, by muddling the sugar and bitters together. The bitters should soak fully into the sugar.
  • Add in the bourbon. Quite a simple step, yet an essential one.
  • The next step requires a careful hand: add in a slice of orange.
  • Finish, old sport, with a maraschino cherry on top. The proverbial cherry on top, so to say.
  • Give it a good round of stirring before serving. Here’s the crux of the matter, the drink must be stirred, not shaken.

And there you have it, a toast to the finest Old Fashioned in all of Memphis, prepared with love and savored with joy.

The Best Old Fashioned in Memphis

Now, old sport, there’s a certain sort of refinement one needs to grasp when searching out the unparalleled mastery of a well-crafted Old Fashioned. It’s not just the drink, you see. It’s the whole jazz and razzmatazz that comes with it. A whiff of beautiful ye olde world charm, a tapestry presented on ice, amidst bitters and spirits with a fanfare of an orange twist. Memphis, on the other hand, cradles such craftsmanship like no other. I daresay my pursuit has led me to some remarkable Memphis spots worth sharing.

Unsurpassed Old Fashioned haunts in Memphis:

  • Name: ‘Peabody Library Lounge’, Address: ‘149 Union Ave’ – There’s something here about the atmosphere in the Peabody that evokes a Gentleman’s Club from years gone by. That perfect union of whiskey, bitters, sugar and water not only soothes our senses but brings us back to an era that was in every sense another world.
  • Name: ‘Alchemy’, Address: ‘940 S Cooper St’ – At Alchemy, the Old Fashioned is an experience so aesthetic, you’d swear you saw it painting a vivid portrait. A trip down memory lane, as each sip unfolds layers of flavours, oscillating between strength and subtle sweetness.
  • Name: ‘Old Dominick’, Address: ‘305 S Front St’ – Ah, Old Dominick! The place where the Old Fashioned cocktail is nothing short of a standing ovation. As the amber liquid swirls in your glass, you realize that every detail has been cared for, every nuance polished to perfection.

Raise Well-crafted the best Old Fashioned in  Memphis

The Spice Trail of the Old Fashioned

Now, old sport, allow me to lead you down the spice trail of the finest Old Fashioned in Memphis, a place renowned for its decadent soirees, much like my own West Egg extravaganzas. I find it rather fascinating how every aroma from an Old Fashioned tickles the senses and introduces you to a veritable globe of cultures and flavors. You see, it’s not just about stirring whiskey, sugar, water, and bitters together. No, no. It’s about combining the history and traditions of the world into a single, captivating glass.

The first stop we make is on the shores of the East Indies, from where we source the nutmeg. A dash of this intoxicating spice, and you find your Old Fashioned imbued with a warm sweetness, the kind that reminds you of a carefree childhood spent under the sultry sun. Our next voyage takes us to the wild heart of Madagascar, the home of the vivacious vanilla. A hint of the exotic pod and your drink becomes layered with an intricate palate of flavors, each sip a different story.

Now, hold on to your hat, old chap, because we’re sailing back to the realms of our own homeland. To Kentucky’s vast cornfields, where the most robust of cornmeal bourbon originates. It’s the soul of any Old Fashioned and the heart of its harmony – each sip is a taste of tradition and a testament to time. After all, as one of the city’s most celebrated sons, I know a thing or two about the charm of the past. And drinking an Old Fashioned in Memphis — it’s not just about enjoying a cocktail; it’s a journey, a dance across the decades.

The Unmatched Old Fashioned of Memphis

Old sport, I trust you’ve heard of the marvel that is the Old Fashioned cocktail? Yes indeed! Nowhere does it attain true brilliance than in the heart of Memphis. The city has its own spin on this classic cocktail, adding a delightful twist that rivals the Vicissitudes of time itself.

Why, one sip of this Memphis marvel is akin to stepping back into those halcyon days of prohibition-era America – the grandeur of each moment is incomparable. It’s a timeless masterpiece that bewilders the senses and enlightens the spirit, a testament to the art of fine drink blending in the heart of the south.

Let me confide in you, dear friend – I have journeyed far and wide, savoring the variants of the Old Fashioned across this vast land, but none, I repeat, none embodiment has rivaled that found in Memphis. The audacity of the bourbon, the subtle bite of bitters, briskly stirred with a hint of sugar and garnished with a twist – it’s quite the stupefying invocation of the classics.

Chill Satisfying the best Old Fashioned in  Memphis

Exquisite Art of Garnishing the Finest Old Fashioned in Memphis

My old sport, it always mattered to me that a thing should look right, true and shining, leaving no room for question. With a cocktail – particularly our honored Old Fashioned – it’s no different. It’s beyond a simple mingling of sugar, bitters, and whiskey. The elegance lies in the garnish, the finery that elevates the ordinary to something transcendent, something smack of the non-parallel. I’ve been all around Memphis, prided myself on sampling the best the city has to offer, and the garnishes, my dear chum, are what make all the difference.

Why, I’ve seen an Old Fashioned adorned with a twist, sweet citrus peels coiling around a luxurious Marasca cherry as though clinging to a precious secret. Then there was one decked with a glittering pineapple slice and crowned by a single, pristine, plump berry – a spectacle of nature riveting as any East Egg soirée. They made the cocktail an experience, not merely a drink. The embellishment, I assure you, is a part of the adventure.

And what an appealing thought it is to recreate this grandeur at home. A sweet dapple of orange peel, a sprig of mint riding the rim, perhaps an array of fresh berries in vibrant, jubilant colors – all lend to turning an evening into an event. You might dare to consider an edge of pink grapefruit, or perhaps a tincture of rosemary for a culinary approach. Let your garnishes speak old sport, of the dignified, lavish allure that is the Old Fashioned. It’s more than a nod to the spectacle, it’s about surrendering to something grand.

Adapting the Best Old Fashioned in Memphis for Dietary Restrictions

My dear old sport, allow me to take you on a journey of taste and indulgence, featuring none other than the exquisite Old Fashioned cocktail of Memphis. Yet, in this quest for gustatory delight, we must not disregard the varying dietary preferences and needs that many present these days. Gluten-free, vegan, low-sodium – the conditions may change, but the experience, indeed, must remain grand.

Let’s begin with our friends of the gluten-free persuasion. When modifying the Old Fashioned, one should always use gluten-free whisky. A majority of whisky brands, you see, are gluten-free by nature due to the distillation process. For an enticing bitter-sweet blend, you may opt for naturally gluten-free bitters and, perhaps, a little raw, organic honey to sweeten the orchestra of tastes.

The challenge may seem a little bit daunting when catering to our vegan friends, but fear not. Replace the common sugar cube with a refined sugar alternative, such as organic agave nectar or maple syrup, both products of Mother Nature herself. In the same spirit, there are numerous vegan-friendly whisky options available in our fair city of Memphis to create the Old Fashioned cocktail. And to bring our journey to its circular conclusion, a low-sodium Old Fashioned is truly an easy task. Simply be sure to eliminate any added salt and choose a sodium-free whisky. A modest recipe modification, indeed, to ensure everyone gets to enjoy the best Old Fashioned cocktail in Memphis, regardless of dietary needs.

The Definitive Old Fashioned Experience in Memphis

Of all the beguiling concoctions that have fluttered their ethereal spirits through the saloons and lounging places of our fine land, none has echoed in the hallowed halls of respectability quite like the Old Fashioned. It is a gallant companion, old sport, that soothes the mind with sweet whispers of relaxation and, to those keen for the pursuit, opens a door to a vivid panorama of taste and elegance. A beverage that needs no introduction, much less an endorsement; rather, it warrants merely a hushed reverence.

The Old Fashioned, you see, standing tall and unyielding within the confines of Memphis, is no mere cocktail. Ah, far from it, my dear reader! It is an ode to a city that thrives on its roots, a cocktail that dazzles every palate with its brilliant symphony of flavors. It’s the very representation of the jazz age here, a never-ending serenade to the twirling euphoria of the bygone eras. It is, quite simply, the best Old Fashioned in Memphis.

And so, dear, enchanted reader, I implore you to raise a toast – not merely to that delicate elixir dwelling resplendently in your glass, but to the bona fide spirit of Memphis itself. I invite you, moreover, to sip, to savor, and to soar – for in the gratifying vessel of the Old Fashioned, one finds not just a drink, but an experience as timeless, as consummate, and as unforgettable as the city of Memphis itself. As beguiling, as spellbinding, as the very essence of life itself!


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