The best Best espresso martini recipe in New York City, guv’nor!

'Ere's a treat for 'ya! The best Best espresso martini recipe in New York City, it's bloomin' marvelous!

Oi, ‘ave ya ever ‘ad a sip o’ the best best espresso martini? Right then! It’s a brew that’ll make ya lips smack and ya taste buds dance, I’m tellin’ ya! Born fit for a monarch, back in the 1980s it was, believe it or not, by a top east-end London mixologist. He was tryin’a find a brew that a model asked for – somethin’ that’ll rattle her and wake her up! An’ then he stumbled upon this beauty. And thank goodness he did, ‘cos it’s been the apple of the eye to many a fine gent and lady alike.

Collins top tucker it is! The best espresso martini, is a smooth n’ smart classic, perfect for any soirée. The reason it’s so bloomin’ popular ain’t difficult to figger out. Not only does this beauty taste good, it’s a sight for sore eyes – a true bit of all right. It’s all frothy on top with a dark, vide-y brew underneath. Makes ya feel posh just holdin’ it, it does! But don’t let that label fool ya – ain’t no actual martini in it. It’s a blend of espresso, vodka, coffee liqueur, and a bit of simple syrup to boot. But don’t go thinkin’ you can just throw it all together and expect magic. Nah! It’s all about the balance, ya see – each bit’s gotta be just right. It’s trickier than it seems.

Yarn 'bout that Classy Coffee Cocktail

‘Ere, lemme tell ya ’bout a tale of a posh tipple what’s become quite the bee’s knees, ya know? Ain’t talkin’ ’bout no ordinary knock-back, but the one and only, espresso martini! Cor blimey, what a drink. The whole shebang started back in the swingin’ 80s. See, back then, the London scene was all crowded with guv’ners an’ such who lives for their pick-me-ups an’ knock-downs, if y’know what I mean.

An’ in comes this bloke, a real Shoreditch sort, mixin’ behind the counter one night. Seems one of them flat-capped lads ordered somethin’ that’d ‘wake him right up’. So this bloke ganders about and spot the coffee machine. He grabs some vodka, adds a splash o’ coffee, little sugar, an’ shakes it all up. Et voila! In front ‘o him, he’s got the first ever espresso martini. The taste, blimey, like bitter ‘n sweet doin’ a dance right in your mouth–a real treat, it was. Before ya know it, the espresso martini is the toast of the town, with all sorts drinkin’ it, from factory hands to toffs.

Soon enough, it ain’t just the London lot that’s hooked. This coffee concoction hightails it ‘cross the pond to the big apples an’ lone star, an’ it’s not ruddy stoppin’ there either– even those Hollywood sorts ‘ave taken a shine to it. Bet ya a penny to a pound, one of them film stars you see on the silver screen is savin’ a seat for an espresso martini at them Oscar bashes. So there it is, a little history lesson about your favourite cocktail. Ain’t it fascinatin’?

Sip Elegant The best Best espresso martini recipe in New York City

Recipe: The Best Espresso Martini

Blimey, ain’t nothin’ as posh as sippin’ on a proper Espresso Martini. Give you a few tips, I will, ’bout mixin’ up the best one you ever tasted. You bet your boots it’s gon’ be easy-peasy, and it’s going to taste much better than anything you get down at the local, swear on my ol’ hat.

Things You Need:

  • 50 ml vodka – the top-knot stuff, not the cheap plonk
  • 35 ml coffee liqueur – gives it the oomph, it does
  • One shot (25 ml) of your finest espresso – the stronger, the better
  • 25 ml of sugar syrup – to sweeten things up
  • A handful of coffee beans- for the fancy touch on top

Right, got that? Now here’s how you do it. Take your cocktail shaker and chuck in your vodka, coffee liqueur, that shot of espresso and your sugar syrup. Give it a good shake, till your arms feel like they’re about to fall off – that’s how you know it’s done. Then you strain it into your chilled martini glass, and drop a few coffee beans on top. Just like that, you’ve got yourself a posh drink, good enough for a right royal knees-up!

Best Espresso Martini Cocktail Joints

Right, you’ve crossed oceans ‘n’ mountains, tryin’ to get a proper espresso martini, yeah? Well, stop yer searchin’, I’ve got some prime spots for ya here in New York City, n’ it’s no palaver neither! Near perfection served in a glass, it is!


  • ‘The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog’
  • Address:

  • 30 Water St, New York, NY 10004, United States
  • The Dead Rabbit, it ain’t no lively bunny, but bloody ‘ell, do they know their cocktails! Their espresso martini, it’s finished off so neat you’d swear it was a work o’ art. So smooth, it’s like velvet goin’ down, it is.


  • ‘Death & Co.’
  • Address:

  • 433 E 6th St, New York, NY 10009, United States
  • Over at Death & Co. don’t let the name fool ya, it’s a lively spot! Espresso martinis there are made for lords n’ ladies, strong enough to knock yer socks off but elegant, like, real classy!


  • ‘Fine & Rare’
  • Address:

  • 9 E 37th St, New York, NY 10016, United States
  • Last but not least is Fine & Rare. It’s a real fancy place, this one. They mix their espresso martini like they’re givin’ it a royal knightin’. Sippin’ on one, it’s like dancin’ with a prince!

Quench Smooth The best Best espresso martini recipe in New York City

An Amazin' Cocktail Recipe in Big Apple

Oi! You wouldn’ believe the cockles ‘n mussels I ‘ad in the Big Apple; the New York, they calls it. Crikey, the air’s thick with motah cars, skyscrapers, and fancy finery, but it’s their Espresso Martini concoction that rightly snatched me ‘eart!

Now, minds me, this ain’t your usual cuppa! No, sirree, this is somethin’ straight outta the dreams of even the saltiest seadog. Reminds me of an ole joke in Coven Garden, ‘Tain’t nevah too early for a pint, guv! Only this one’s served up in classy stemware garnished with coffee beans. How’s that for an earner!

They mixes up quality coffee, a dash of smokey syrup, good ol’ espresso, and a wee bit of vodka to get your spirits high. The sip is heavenly, a proper knees-up! Takes the edge right off, it does. ‘Course, bear in mind it ain’t for the faint-hearted. But if you fancy yourself an adventurer, well, when in the Big Apple, do as the Yanks do, right?

Creating Your Own Espresso Martini Bar

Right, so you fancy settin’ up a classy little espresso martini bar at your do, don’t ya? It ain’t as tricky as you might reckon. First off, you gotta get your hands on the right kit. A good cocktail shaker is a must, along with a jigger for measuring out the spirits proper. And don’t forget your martini glasses – can’t serve no martini without ’em, can ya?

Now, the spirits ain’t too complicated either. You need some good strong coffee (make sure it’s cold!), coffee liqueur (you can pick what you fancy), and of course, vodka. Always try to get the best quality you can, but don’t be spendin’ your last sixpence – we want quality, not bankruptcy, don’t we? Mix ’em all together and shake up a storm.

To really knock ’em for six though, you need to garnish it right. A few coffee beans on top always look smart. But don’t be afraid to get creative, you know? Chocolate shavings, nutmeg, a sprinkle of cocoa – anything to give your guests a bit of a surprise. So that’s it then, so long as you remember to have a bit of fun with it, you’ll be servin’ up the best espresso martinis this side of Covent Garden.

Indulge Irresistible The best Best espresso martini recipe in New York City

Guidelines for Organizing Your Own Cocktail Tasting Gathering

Oh ain’t it a lovely thought, dearie, to be mixin’ and tastin’ all them fancy cocktails with yer mates right at home? Well, reckon ya don’t need to be no fancy barman to whip up a right delicious espresso martini. So, let’s get crackin’, shall we?

First thing ya want to do is choose the drinks. Seems obvious don’t it? But yer don’t want to be runnin’ before ya can walk. Make sure yer got a good mix of cocktails to keep everyone happy. Light and fruity ones, strong and bold ones, and of course, them creamy rich ones like that espresso martini, right enticing it is. The trick is, darling, to use top shelf stuff if yer can afford it, ain’t nothing like a top-drawer gin to lift yer spirits. And don’t yer skimp on the coffee neither – fresher the brew, better the cocktail.

Next up, make a fancy invite for all yer mates. Let ’em know where and when, and if they needs to bring anything. And don’t forget, dearie, the tasting is the fun part! So, maybe yer want to make a little game of it. Everyone has to guess the cocktail or mark ’em out of ten or something like that. But whatever yer do, do make sure everyone’s got a good drink in-hand and a smile on their face. That’s the ticket.

Tailoring Yer Martini Recipe For Different Diets

Oi’ve got a corking idea for all you lads an’ lasses who fancy a sparkling Espresso Martini but gotta mind yer grub rules. Doff me cap to the vegans, gluten-free folk, an’ those watchin’ their salt, I’ve got a fancy twist on the bloomin’ classic that suits all of yer needs. An’ no need to fret, it’ll still be the bell of the ball at any shindig.

No fuss, no feathers for the gluten-free mates. Most spirits ain’t got no wheat or barley i’n their bottle, but yer gotta keep a keen eye out for any of those sneaky liqueurs, y’see? So stick with pure, distilled spirits for your base an’ you’ll be right as rain. Now, for the vegans, you gotta swap out the heavy cream, yeah? Try a bit of thick coconut milk instead or any plant-based milk, gives it a nice creamy touch. Heaps better if yer ask me, adds a lovely bit o’twist to the usual.

Now, if yer countin’ the salt, be a smart cookie an’ pick yer booze wisely. Clear liquors typically have less sodium, so you’re good with the vodka. Double-check to make sure yer coffee ain’t got added salt, some of those fancy brands sneak it in. Alright then? With these savvy substitutions, y’can whip up a round of espresso martinis fit for all yer mates, no matter their grub rules. Chin chin!

A Jolly Jape about New York's Finest Coffee Cocktail

Oi, you ever ‘eard about this here delicacy from the big city, what they call a ‘Best espresso martini recipe‘ cocktail, right? Well, tis’ a right chuckler this is. So there’s this barkeep from New York City, all dapper bites, clean as a penny and bright as a button. One day a chap walks into his bar and says, ‘Give me the best cocktail you’ve got, guv.’

The barkeep, he grins and says, ‘I got just what you need, mate. Ain’t no cocktail can beat my espresso martini, it’s what tickles ’em all.’ So, he gets to fixin’, dancin’ round the bar, tossin’ bottles and shakin’ mixers like an orchestra conductor. When ‘e finally hands over the drink, lo and behold! The bloke almost faints with just one sip. ‘This ain’t an espresso martini, guv!,’ e’ gasps, ‘This here’s happiness in a glass, it is!’ Now don’t that just take the proverbial biscuit!

Blimey, look at me, natterin’ away! I’m ever so pleased you took the time to have a listen. It’s warming to ol’ cockles it is, sharing a yarn like that. Well, no need to be a stranger, pop round anytime you’re in mood for a little chinwag. There’s always room by the fireplace and a story or two to tell. Ta-ta for now!


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