The best French 75 in Chicago, Old Sport, Indeed!

Old sport, revel in the decadence of the best French 75 in Chicago. Truly, an experience not to be missed.

My dear friend, let’s venture upon a tale of an enticing drink, known to most as The Best French 75. Originating in France during the first great war, it was named in honor of the quick-firing 75mm field gun used by the French soldiers. A concoction that holds both allure and might in the same breath, it’s a blend of gin, champagne, lemon juice, and sugar; an elegant symphony of flavors.

It’s no small wonder that this libation has pervaded the cocktail world, given its harmonious mix of sophistication and vivacious energy. It flits from leisurely Sunday brunches to glittering evening galas, its popularity never wavering, its charm never dimming. Whether accompanied by soft morning sunlight or the allure of nighttime stars, The Best French 75 remains a beacon of refined taste and enjoyment.

Each sip is a journey in itself, a whimsical dance of flavors that lingers in the memory long after the glass has been set down. To experience The Best French 75, is to step into a world of tradition enmeshed with modern delight, a touchpoint of history brought to life in today’s world. It whispers of elegant Parisian cafés, of hazy, ephemeral nights filled with laughter and camaraderie. No matter the occasion, The Best French 75 manages to steal the limelight, a testament to its enduring appeal.

Historical Journey of the Renowned French Libation

Old sport, turn your attention if you will to an exquisite tale imbued with the charm of a time gone by. Cast your mind into history, to the era of the World War I, the halcyon days of our forefathers. Do you see it? Among the dusty trenches and echoing gunfire, a bright spark kindles. It’s the birth of that mélange of champagne and gin we now call the French 75 – named no less after the formidable French 75mm field guns, as the cocktail was said to have the kick of this powerful ordnance.

You see, old sport, the true beauty of this creation lies not just in the blend of vibrant lemon, eloquent gin, sugar’s sweet song, and the light dance of champagne, but in the illustrious hands it has graced. Take, for example, the dignified Sir Winston Churchill. A renowned figure of British fortitude, said to have rejuvenated his spirit with a cup full of this enchanting elixir during the arduous days of World War II. Or consider the infamous literary circles of the 1920s, where illustrious icons of prose clinked glasses brimming with sparkling French 75 as they spun stories that would captivate the world.

In essence, old sport, the French 75’s history is an intoxicating narrative woven through the fabric of past decades. Today, this vivacious libation stands as a testament to resilience, a symbol of celebration, and a toast to those who dared to infuse their spirit into their drink. Cheers, old sport. Let the good times roll.

Cheers Delicious The best French 75 in Chicago

Recipe of The Best French 75

Get ready old sport, I’m about to teach you how to make the best French 75 this side of New York. It’s a classic cocktail, you see, brought from the vibrant heart of France and given the glamour and verve only money can buy. It’s a fusion of spectacular flavours and cultures, just like our fine city itself.


  • 2 ounces of gin, always choose premium, old sport, we deserve only the best.
  • 1 ounce of fresh lemon juice, because a guided hand and a touch of potential, like the zing of lemon, can change the world.
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar, to remind us of the sweet allure of success and ambition.
  • Champagne to top, nothing is ever complete without a touch of luxury my friend, just like our grand endeavors.


  • Combine the gin, lemon juice and sugar in a shaker. Shake it like you would a hand at your first venture, it signals the start of a great journey.
  • Serve it in a highball glass, we need to celebrate triumph after all.
  • Top off the glass with Champagne, the crowning glory of this exquisite endeavor.
  • Throw in a twist of lemon as garnish, a final flourish to this grand adventure.

That, dear friend, is how you make the finest French 75 one could taste. Do enjoy responsibly, but do remember, the night is always young under the city’s radiant lights.

Exquisite French 75 Cocktails in Chicago

My dear old sport, I am quite certain that we share similar tastes when it comes to our penchant for elixirs meticulously crafted. And what else spells sophistication more than a French 75 Cocktail, a little hint of Paris transported into our glasses. With a fondness for such prosperity, I have ventured around the city of Chicago, unraveled some splendid establishments that serve a French 75 that carries an echo of the past.


  • Name: ‘Maude’s Liquor Bar’
    Address: ‘840 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60607’

    Sequestered in the West Loop, this speakeasy-style haunt serves French classics with an American twist. Their French 75 won my heart instantly. It has the crispness of the champagne, the refreshing zest of lemon topped with a lace of gin that makes it feel like a well deserved indulgence.

  • Name: ‘The Violet Hour’
    Address: ‘1520 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60622’

    Cataloged in the heart of Wicker Park, The Violet Hour exudes an aura of mystery and elegance. Believe me, old sport, their French 75 is an illustration of perfection. The effervescence, the tanginess and the subtle sapidity of gin, it’s indeed a memory caught in a cocktail glass.

  • Name: ‘RM Champagne Salon’
    Address: ‘116 N Green St, Chicago, IL 60607’

    Nestled in a romantic cobblestone courtyard in the West Loop, RM is a sparkling wine haven with an old-world feel. Their French 75, it brims with pure elegance just like the persona of their establishment. It’s everything you’d expect and more, a burst of decadence and subtle florals.

Cheers Aromatic The best French 75 in Chicago

Significance and Origin of Spices in French 75 Cocktail

Old sport, I must begin with emphasizing the delicate elegance of this drink, French 75. A tickle of civilization, an echo of eras past. Originally crafted in Paris, it birthed from a period of jubilation after hardship. It tastes more than just citrus and gin – it carries a history, passed from generations. Lemon, its core ingredient, bares its roots in Asia but has become emblematic of the Mediterranean, essential in crafting an authentic French 75. Not just any citrus, mind you. These should be fresh, offering both zest and juice to transform the drink from ordinary to extraordinary. The lemon brings a sour yet refreshing quality to this sophisticated blend.

Gin, the spirits swimming beneath the cocktail’s surface, harkens back to the Netherlands but is deeply rooted in the heart of England. Juniper berries, their own story an intoxicating blend of ancient Greece and Rome, form the backbone of the gin’s flavor presenting an initial sweet taste, swiftly followed by a sharp and distinct resinous tang. A fitting contrast to the tang of lemon, I daresay. Say, it’s not just the gin and lemon that makes the French 75 a showstopper, no sir. It’s the elixir of life itself, the champagne that raises the curtain to the grandeur of this cocktail providing not just effervescence, but along with the sweet and nutty notes gives a complexity deserving of its celebration pedigree.

The blended sugar hailing from the tropics, adds a sweetness necessary to balance the sour of the lemon and the harshness of the gin. Paired with an exclusively crafted simple syrup, it coaxes out a depth remarkable to this concoction. Encapsulating essence from such diverse cultures, the French 75 unites them in a harmonious symphony, taking its drinker on a sensory sojourn. Witness old sport, how the careful blend of Asian lemon, English gin, and French champagne brings old-world sophistication to the modern palate.

Mastering the Craft of French 75

Old sport, permit me to share some secrets with you about a classic cocktail. We’re in high society now, you see, no room for mediocre imitations. It’s all about the French 75 – eloquent, refined, yet with an edge that could hold the attention of the most restless debutante. Ah! But the secret is in the details, my dear. No detail too small to be overlooked, if you ask me.

First-class ingredients are tantamount. It ain’t worth the effort if you’re not using the finest gin and fresh-squeezed lemon juice. And the champagne? Only the finest will do. You might say the French invented refinement, or at the very least, they perfected it in their champagne. Chill these ingredients beforehand, and you’re halfway to heaven. Now, here’s the twist – adding something unexpected, like a dash of unique spices, has the power to transform an ordinary cocktail into something celestial.

And garnishes, my friend, are anything but an afterthought. They’re the finishing touch that screams elegance. Lemon twists, luxardo cherries, even a touch of gold leaf if you’re feeling sinfully indulgent. Remember, when you’re crafting a cocktail, you’re not just mixing spirits – you’re curating an experience.

Raise Refreshing The best French 75 in Chicago

Pop Culture's Love for French 75

There’s a charisma to a certain cocktail, my friend, a cocktail that I’m sure you’ll instantly recognize if you’ve dabbled in the finer drinking establishments of the North-east or found pleasure in the pages of popular novels or the frames of classic films. This, of course, is none other than the French 75, a delightfully dry and refreshing combination of gin or cognac, lemon juice, sugar, and Champagne. Its reputation is far from unassuming, boasting a legacy that threads through societies high and low.

From the golden age of Hollywood, it has been intertwined with our opulent tales of fame and fortune. An icon in its own right, found at every plush affair from East Egg lawn parties to soirees in the Hollywood Hills. Humphrey Bogart arguably gave the French 75 its shining moment, nodding to its sophistication, sipping it in the ‘Casablanca’ as if it were a character itself. Following his lead, many of our beloved characters indulged in the effervescence of this beverage, notably James Bond, always one for exquisite tastes.

From there, the French 75 danced its light-footed way into the scripts of TV-shows like ‘Mad Men’ and films like ‘The Thin Man’, continuing its streak of bonding with the charismatic and the dramatic. You see, my dear friend, the French 75 isn’t just another drink, it’s a representation of a refined taste and a predilection for grandeur. Its enduring allure makes it a constant choice for those in search of elegance and the occasional sparkle of Champagne bubbles.

Non-Alcoholic Reimagining of a Classic French Beverage

In the grandeur of elaborate evenings and glittering soirees, there’s a beverage whose allure has made quite the stir in the circles of the sophisticated. An exquisitely concocted mixture that one might refer to as the French 75 cocktail. Yet, let us diverge from the trodden path, straying away from the expectations of what was once thought to only be enjoyable by those in favor of stronger libations. My old sport, there exists a delightful option for those who prefer the absence of spirits: a non-alcoholic interpretation of the French 75.

Start with a beautifully chilled flute, then in a shaker combine the juice of half a lemon, a dash of simple syrup to flatter the palette, and fill the remainder with ice. Give this bold ensemble a hearty shake, until the container is brimming with frost, and strain this vibrant concoction into your flute. Instead of champagne, top this spectacle with a dry sparkling non-alcohol option, something akin to a fine Freixenet or its equivalent. Take a moment, survey the resulting dance of bubbles with the satisfaction of creating notjust a drink, but a moment to appreciate. And there you have it, a blend that embraces the essence of the French 75, whilst whispering a gentle nod to those who forgo the realms of alcohol.

Remember, though, the importance of balance. Overly sweet can be as ruinous as overflowing bitterness, and the right syrup will ensure a flavorsome triumph rather than a dismal defeat. Delight in the process and let this non-alcoholic mix be the perfect companion to any soiree, a representative of the finer things, and a cornerstone of inclusivity in our shared merriment. An unforgettable beverage doesn’t necessitate intoxication, but rather, a celebration of flavor, elegance and togetherness.

A Humorous Tale About the Best French 75 in Chicago

My dear friend, allow me to indulge you with a bit of humor. It’s about the best French 75 cocktail here, in our fair city of Chicago. Ah! The French 75, as you well might know, is a true classic, a cocktail of certainly no little distinction – champagne, gin, lemon juice and sugar – it’s got all the works. Yet, rather peculiarly, the finest French 75 in Chicago is not to be found in a posh bar, but instead in an old delightful deli tucked away in a quiet corner of the city. The owner, a jolly fellow with a hearty laugh and cheeks as rosy as the crimson sunset, is quite the character.

He creates his version of the French 75 using a secret ingredient that makes his cocktail absolutely tremendous, the very epitome of delicious sophistication. This secret ingredient is – believe it or not – a dollop of Dijon mustard! By some miracle of mixing, he concocts the concoction to a level of delightful perfection that your palates are bound to behold with utter disbelief. A finer drink you are unlikely to find in all of Chicago. Every sip takes you back to the roaring ’20s, dances on your tongue with a lively Charleston step, and leaves you with an endearing warmth that lingers.

Thank you for sharing this moment of light-heartedness with me. The whole story sounds rather splendid, doesn’t it? And yet, it’s all as true as the bright stars in the night sky. I most cordially welcome you, dear friend, to enjoy more such tales and discussions in our forthcoming conversations. Until then, may you find joy in every cocktail, and remember – the best French 75 is waiting for you in a deli here in Chicago.


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