Tip top espresso martini: A recipe to brew envy.

Like, isn't a tip top espresso martini just the tastiest sip ever? Totally rad!

Well, like hello? Here we are talking about major beverage magic! I mean, we’re talking about the tip top espresso martini. Like, totally! This delish delight is not just your plain ol’ cocktail. It’s like a superstar in the fancy-pants world of cocktails. As if it was just some random drink – uh, no! It’s a total fusion of caffeine and happy hour in one. Perf, right?

So, basically, this fab concoction has been basking in the spotlight, for like, total reasons! It’s like the perfect blend of taste and sophistication. The chicsters can’t get enough of it, and why should they? It’s a classic mood-booster, but with a swanky twist. It’s so popular, even the gnarliest party goblins are like totally into it these days. Whether it’s a random get together at your place, or a high-end gala, this gorgeous spin on your standard martini will do nothing less than dazzle everyone around. Totally tip top in every way!

Fab and Glam Journey of the Tip Top Espresso Martini

Alright, so, like, picture this: It’s the late ’80s in London town. The vibe is oh-so-chic, the music is poppin’, and the peeps? They’re as fab as they come. Here comes the star of the show: espresso martini. That’s right, darling, the birth of our super-luscious, mega-fab espresso martini! It was totally an accident, by the way. How typical, right? Anyway, our genius mix-master, this seriously cool guy named Dick Bradsell, was asked by this totally famous model (rumor has it, she was a big deal) to make a drink that would ‘wake her up and f… her up’. What a diva request, don’t ya think?

Anyway, Dick dolorously created this rad masterpiece using vodka, sugar syrup, coffee liqueur and freshly made espresso. Yum, right? He even named it after the trendy martini glass it was served in. That’s called a total style point, you know? Like, seriously, who knew that history could be so deliciously divalicious? It’s truly an iconic tale, tell it at parties to sound, you know, all smart and deep. Anyway, this sensational cocktail has been a total scene-stealer, stealing hearts and keeping people vivacious all the while! It’s been a tip top hit ever since!

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Recipe for a Tip Top Espresso Martini

Hey, okay, so, like, you totally want to whip up a tip top espresso martini, right? It’s so super easy and mondo delicious, you won’t even believe it. Let’s just dive into the groove immediately. Cocktail mixing is a lot like fashion. You have to have the right elements, mix them just so, and voila! You’ve got a head-turning creation.


  • Vodka, because, hello, it’s a martini. You want about 50ml of this. It’s like the little black dress of your cocktail – totally essential!
  • 25ml Coffee Liqueur. It’s the perfect accessory that adds that special ‘zing’. Omigosh, so fab!
  • 35ml fresh espresso. It’s like the statement piece, you know? Totally wakes up the palette.
  • Coffee beans for garnish. Just like jewelry finishes the outfit, these are like tiny little bling for your drink!

Now onto the mixing part. It’s not a science project, but it’s kinda the same. You need to, like, shake up vodka, coffee liqueur, and fresh espresso together with ice. Do it until the outside of the shaker becomes frosty and cold like the ski resort in Aspen. Then strain it into a chilled martini glass, and you’re almost at the finish line babe. Finally, garnish with few coffee beans, because you don’t leave the house without jewelry, do you? Enjoy your totally rad and tip top espresso martini, it’s an outfit for your tastebuds really.

Glam and the Tip Top Espresso Martini Locations

Okay, totally obsessed with this bevvy mood. I’m talking the absolutely legendary ‘tip top espresso martini’, of course! It’s like, seriously, the ultimate taste-bud experience, kin of like a grand life adventure but in a glass. And the venues, honey, as glam as a Rodeo Drive boutique.

So like, here are the current snazziest hot spots for these espresso concoctions like no other: ‘The Espresso Martini Masters List’:

  • Name: ‘Java Junction’
    Address: ‘10210 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90067’
  • Name: ‘Martini Maven’
    Address: ‘8430 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069’
  • Name: ‘Cocktail Chateau’
    Address: ‘3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109’

And hello, your girl definitely did some martini sampling. ‘Java Junction’ seriously has the most dazzling espresso martini. It’s like every part of me is dancing once I have a sip. Cross my mind over with a sip at ‘Martini Maven’, the taste totally knocked me out! Their bartenders are like great composers, but with spirits! And ‘Cocktail Chateau’, darling, it’s like they put Vegas in a glass: shiny, splashy, and just about totally unforgettable. The espresso martini is as glittering as their location.

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Cocktail Perfection: Top Secrets for a Tip Top Espresso Martini

So, you’ve totally got a craving for like, something sweet, but refined, right? Something that’ll make you feel like you’ve climbed the ladder to the upscale chic elite. My loves, the answer is like, right under our Jimmy Choos – a tip top espresso martini! It’s like totally my secret trick to feeling, well, more grown-up.

Now, the secret to a buzz-worthy espresso martini is like making sure everything’s chilled. I’m not talking about the social scene at a Siberian nightclub, but like your ingredients, duh! I mean, chill your vodka and espresso – it makes all the difference. And remember to always go for that high-quality stuff, that’s your Kahlua and vodka. I’m not saying you need to break the piggy bank, but if you decide to skimp on quality here, you’ll totally taste it in your drink! Majorly bumming.

Here’s where it gets interesting. You want to like, give your espresso martini some flair? Spices are the way to go! A dash of cinnamon or a hint of chili can seriously enhance your martini in ways you won’t believe! And finally, garnish. People don’t take garnish seriously enough. It’s about making your tip top espresso martini look as fab as it tastes! Sure, a classic coffee bean does the job, but imagine a spiral of orange zest or a bougie chocolate swirl. Like, wouldn’t that totally impress your guests?

Modifying Tip Top Espresso Martini Recipes For Dietary Restrictions

Okay, so you know how it’s totally bogus when you’re at a party and there’s like, nothing you can drink because of your dietary restrictions? Super bummer, right? Well, I’m here to share the 411 on how to remix your fave cocktail, the tip top espresso martini, to make it totally friendly for gluten-free, vegan, and low-sodium peeps.

First, let’s talk gluten-free. When it comes to booze, most are totally gluten-free, but not all. Like, for vodka, you gotta ensure it’s made from something like potatoes or grapes, not grains. Talk about a buzzkill! But guess what? Simple switch makes your tip top espresso martini totally gluten-free and still scrumptiously delish! And for my vegan friends, you’re in luck. Honestly, the tip top espresso martini is naturally vegan, unless it’s decorated with like, milk chocolate or something. So, just go with a cute vegan sweet for decor. Easy peasy!

Now, onto the low-sodium crew. You might think cocktails have, like, no salt, right? But certain liqueurs can sneak in some. So for a low-sodium tip top espresso martini, ditch the liqueur or find a substitution with no sodium. It’s a bit of a challenge, but totally doable. Oh, and don’t forget to use low-sodium coffee beans too. So there you have it- your tip top espresso martini now totally complements whatever dietary thing you’ve got going on. Now you can totally sip and enjoy without any stress. Score!

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The Tale of the Tip Top Espresso Martini

So, okay. There I was at this swanky Beverly Hills party, dressed head-to-toe in the latest Alaïa. But like, something was totally missing. No, not like a diamond encrusted purse or whatever. I’m talking about the lifeblood of any happening shindig – the ‘tip top espresso martini’. Oh my gosh, it’s like, the ultimate blend of pick-me-up and wind-me-down or something.

Now, these aren’t like your regular run-of-the-mill cocktails. No way, Jose. These are pure, top shelf mode only. Anywho, this gal comes up to me, right? She’s all talking about the ‘tip top espresso martini’ like it’s the only thing that matters in the whole wide universe. I mean, don’t get me wrong. They’re awesome and all, but like, easy there, tiger. Guess there’s no accounting for obsession, right?

Laugh About a Tip Top Espresso Martini

Okay, so like, here’s a total ridic joke for all you espresso martini lovers out there. Picture this, an espresso and a martini walk into a bar, right? The bartender hands over the espresso martini, who totes looks drop-dead, and the time has come to boogie! But, the espresso is now all like, I’m not going to dance with you, Martini. And the martini is like, Totally buggin’, why you got to grind my beans? So, the espresso says because you always keep me stirred up! Aren’t we just a riot, or what?

All this espresso martini talk is making me thirsty. Anyway, major props for hanging with me through this long article. I’m beyond stoked that you took the time to read my ramblings. Keep spreading positive vibes and don’t forget to bounce back here any time, okay? We’ll be here, ready to share more totally classic and adorable stuff. Can’t wait to welcome you back and get totally buggin’ together!

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