The best Long Island Iced Tea in Dallas? Yas, It’s Here!

Like, totally stumbled upon the best Long Island Iced Tea in Dallas, guys. So refreshing, you've got to try it!

So, like, you guys, the Long Island Iced Tea is just everything! This cocktail is truly iconic, and its history goes way back to the 1970s. The legend says it was created by a bartender named Robert Butt for a contest that was asking to create a new mixed drink using Triple Sec. Okay, this can totally inspire you to level up your cocktail game and impress all of your friends!

The popularity of the Long Island Iced Tea, I mean, it’s really no surprise. It has an amazing mix of like, five different spirits, including vodka, rum, tequila, gin and Triple Sec, with a super refreshing splash of lemon and a hint of cola. Sometimes it’s just perfect to sip on during the summertime when you’re getting some sun and chill time. But please always remember, love yourself, stay hydrated and stay responsible.

The Sensational Story Behind a Beloved Cocktail

Like OMG, can we just take a moment to appreciate the luxurious history of Long Island Iced Tea? I’m, like, so ready to spill the tea on this iconic cocktail we all know and love. It’s all about working hard, but also knowing how to have some fun, right? I so love exploring the stories behind our favourite treats, it’s like diving into a delightful history lesson.

So here’s the dish – this glam drink, known by the cool ones as a ‘LIIT’, made its fabulous debut in the 70’s during a contest to create a new mixed drink using Triple Sec. The winner? A certain Robert Butt from, you guessed it, Long Island! Also, did I mention that the winnings included an adorable new motorbike? I’m, like, so jealous.

Honestly, this cocktail has always been a favourite at parties, even amongst some big names in the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. Always remember darlings, being glamorous and enjoying life never goes out of style. Now, every time you sip on a LIIT, you’ll know the fancy history behind it! Cute, right?

Mix Crisp The best  Long Island Iced Tea in Dallas

Recipe for The Best Long Island Iced Tea

Hey you all, so excited to be sharing something super fun and refreshing with you guys today! It’s like, my absolute favorite recipe whenever I’m in a party mode or just hosting a fun evening for my close ones. I mean, who doesn’t love a fabulous cocktail that totally works for every season, right? And trust me, sweetie, this Long Island Iced Tea recipe I’m sharing is truly the best. Can’t wait for you dolls to try it.


  • 1 part vodka
  • 1 part tequila
  • 1 part rum
  • 1 part gin
  • 1 part triple sec
  • 1.5 parts sweet and sour mix
  • A splash of cola
  • Lemon slice for garnish

Now, let’s move on to the most exciting part – how to produce this magical mix. I promise, it’s super easy and fun!


  • In a cocktail mixer full of ice, pour the vodka, tequila, rum, gin, triple sec and sweet and sour mix.
  • Give it a real good shake until it’s nicely mixed.
  • Take a tall glass, fill it with ice and strain the mix into the glass.
  • Add a splash of cola for that slight fizz and top it off with a cute lemon slice. Now, that’s it!

Super easy, right? Just the perfect drink to impress at your next gathering, babe. Enjoy, and don’t forget to share your pics and tag me. Love seeing you guys recreate my fav stuff!

Your Guide to the Best Long Island Iced Teas in Dallas

Darlings, there’s nothing that quite capstones a busy day like a perfectly stirred, refreshing Long Island Iced Tea. And, if you happen to be in the fabulous Dallas, there are countless spots that totally hit it right with this classic cocktail. So, let’s get right into my personally-curated list.

Best Dallas Locations for a Long Island Iced Tea

  • Name: Javier’s Gourmet Mexicano, Address: 4912 Cole Ave, Dallas, TX 75205. This locale has a refined and glamorous vibe with an equally tantalising cocktail menu. Their Long Island Iced Tea is a perfect blend of spirits and a touch of sweet and sour; it’s the perfect drop to enjoy for a night out on the town.
  • Name: The Old Monk, Address: 2847 N Henderson Ave, Dallas, TX 75206. The Old Monk, with its cozy charm and elite drink menu, is hands down another great spot for a killer Long Island Iced Tea. The drink is perfectly balanced and very potent; it’s as if the city’s energy is captured in this glass!
  • Name: Bowen House, Address: 2614 Boll St, Dallas, TX 75204. This historic establishment is a hidden gem nestled in uptown Dallas. Their take on the Long Island Iced Tea is unique, refreshing, and simply delicious. It’s a celebration of cocktails amidst age-old grandeur, making the experience very worthwhile.

So hon, next time you’re in Dallas, and the mood for a Long Island Iced Tea strikes you, you know where to go. Trust me, these places will sweep you off your feet and leave you craving for more!

Celebrate Creative The best  Long Island Iced Tea in Dallas

Amazing Cocktail Experience in Dallas

Okay, babes, seriously, I had this absolutely sensational experience in Dallas. Yeah, you heard me right, Dallas of all places. So here’s the tea. Without a doubt, they have an impressive, I mean truly, commendable cocktail culture. Specifically, one exotic, very well known mix knocked my socks off completely.

Imagine this: It’s a masterpiece that is classically composed of five spirits and just a splash of cola to give it that beautiful amber hue. Do you get what I am talking about? Yeah, that ubiquitous blend known for its deceptive non-alcoholic flavor, but it packs a punch, dolls. Anyway, when you have this ambrosial libation in Dallas, it’s not just a drink, it’s a whole vibe! And oh my gosh, I can’t even begin to tell you about the vibe over there. So glam. So me!

From rooftop terraces with the skyscrapers serving as the grand backdrop to the cozy underground speakeasies, each place so unique with an ambiance perfectly curated for sipping this cocktail legend. Honestly, it’s such a transformative experience, you know. High key, Dallas got me tempted to venture more into mixology myself. Like, who knows, right? I might just create the next big thing in beverages, mark my words! Dallas definitely shares my love for a good cocktail and I’m so here for it!

Health Implications of a Classic Cocktail

Okay, so we all know that I love a good Long Island Iced Tea, right? This classic cocktail, with its mix of vodka, rum, tequila, gin, triple sec, lemon juice, and a splash of cola, is so moreish, it’s easy to overlook the health implications. Like anything else, it’s all about balance and moderation, dolls.

Let’s start with the good news, though. Take the lemon juice in this cocktail. It’s not just there to add a zingy flavor – it’s actually packed with vitamin C, a key antioxidant that can boost your immune system, protect your skin, and even help your body to absorb iron. Love that. Meanwhile, a moderate alcohol consumption has been linked to certain health benefits like improved heart health and longevity. But remember, it is all about moderation.

On the flip side, it is also crucial to be aware of the health concerns. For one, alcohol is high in calories and can lead to weight gain if not consumed mindfully. And, of course, consuming too much alcohol can have serious health implications, from liver disease to an increased risk of certain cancers. It’s super important to enjoy your cocktails responsibly, you know?

Relish Unique The best  Long Island Iced Tea in Dallas

Luxurious Twists on the Classic Long Island Iced Tea

Like, oh my god, you will not believe how life-changing a high-quality Long Island Iced Tea can be. It’s seriously all about the ingredients you use. Trust me, you don’t want to skim on quality. The better your spirits are, the more divine your cocktail will taste. And let’s not forget about chilling them beforehand. It’s like a major difference, for real. It steps up your cocktail game and takes it to the next level. You want your drinks to be cool, not watered down, so using cold ingredients helps keep that super strong, rich flavor.

And consider this, why not add some unique spices for that extra kick? It’s like jewelry for your drink. Add some cardamom or a hint of cinnamon, in like, minimal amounts. You don’t want them to overpower your mix but you want them to add a little surprising zing. It’s all about being adventurous and luxurious in what you love!

So, are you ready to hear my secret? Okay, here goes: toppings! But we’re not talking about just like any toppings. I’m all for unconventional and glamorous garnishes, you know? Try some dehydrated citrus slices or a sprig of rosemary. Edible flowers are like so beautiful too, and they transform your glass into like a work of art. Experiment and make a signature twist that’s unique to you.

Spice It Up in a Cocktail

OMG, like, you wouldn’t believe how incredible spices can totally transform a simple cocktail. It’s all about the gourmet touch, doll! So this Long Island Iced Tea cocktail, right? I know, it’s super classic, but let’s give it a special twist.

Let’s talk about a couple of these unusual spices. Firstly, there’s this totally exotic spice called star anise. I believe it comes from China – you know, the land of the Great Wall, so chic, right? This spice is a total game changer in drinks, it has this sweet, licorice-like taste that makes it just so unique and bold! Then there’s cardamom. This tiny green pod has a pungent flavor and aroma, and it’s super rich. Believe it or not, it’s a native of the Indian subcontinent and Indonesia – so you know it’s vibrant and full of culture!

Now the magic happens when these spices mingle with your usual Long Island Iced Tea ingredients. They totally transform it from classy to fabulous. The star anise adds a touch of sweetness while the cardamom brings a whole lot of warmth and complexity. You can taste each ingredient differently and it’s such a unique experience. These spices are more than just flavors, dolls. They tell a story of different cultures brought together, making even the simplest drink an amazing journey of flavors. So let’s cheers to that!

A Lol Moment Over Cocktails

Okay, dolls, so like, we all know Dallas has the best Long Island Iced Tea, right? Oh-em-gee no contest! Seriously though, have you heard this joke about it? So like, there was this lady who walked into a bar in Dallas and ordered a Long Island Iced Tea. The bartender says, ‘Sure, but you better know, our recipe is so good it should be outlawed.’ The lady just smirks and goes, ‘Perfect, because I believe in living dangerously.’ Too funny, right guys?

Just having some fun here but seriously, thank you soooo much for spending some time with me here. I truly appreciate it. It’s the little moments like this that totally make my day! I hope you laughed a little or even got a big smile on your face. Keep that energy going. Life’s too short not to enjoy every moment, you know?

Remember, you’re always welcome here – whenever you’re in the mood for a giggle or just want a little pick-me-up. This is totally your space too. Can’t wait to see you next time! Stay glam, guys!


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